From a Cityemployee_training University to a small parish school, Secure Data Recycling will work with you to ensure that your old IT equipment is recycled or disposed of in the correct manner.

Fully compliant service; issuing Certificates of Destruction, Waste Transfer Notes and Hazardous Waste Transfer Notes.

  • Collections during School holidays to avoid disruption to timetables.
  • Drivers/Operatives fully security vetted to BS 7858 standards.
  • Regular and Ad-hoc Collections & Disposal
  • Offer a full range of services to meet your requirements.
  • Asset Tagging
  • Asset Discovery
  • Online Asset Register

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Why Us?

Three reasons to choose SDR as your service provider

Secure +

You can be assured that your company’s confidential data and equipment will be protected at all times.

Efficient +

In today's fast-paced business climate, every second counts. We use our time and resources effectively.

Compliant +

Regular inspections by the Environment Agency ensure that our systems and people are fully compliant.

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