Do you have an Information Destruction Policy ?

To keep your workplace secure, your business needs a watertight information destruction policy in place.  More and more companies are ‘trying’ to go paperless, however statistics show that the average office still uses over 10,000 sheets of paper each year.

Then, there are the digitised documents on the computer hard drives, mobiles etc.  Your information destruction policy needs to take these into account too.

Here’s how to assess whether your commercial shredding company is trustworthy and reliable:

  • Security: Firstly, does your current supplier adhere to ISO 27001 ? Is your Data collected by trained security professionals, all vetted to BS7858 Standards?  Are the vehicles tracked and monitored along with the Waste Management Facility, offering a secure chain of custody?
  • Equipment: Is the shredding equipment Industrial-grade cross-cut shredding technology, turning both paper and electronic media into confetti-like pieces?
  • Tailored service: Is the service you receive designed to meet your Company’s needs and complexities, with flexible scheduling for convenience and practicality?
  • Digital destruction: Have they offered Hard drive & Electronic media destruction options ? All electronic media, hard drives, mobiles & tablets contain data and must therefore be destroyed in the same secure manner.
  • High industry standards: Does your organisation commit to the highest standards in the industry such as ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001?
  • Green practices: Does your provider aim to reduce waste at all times, is your paper 100% recycled following shredding?
  • Proof of destruction: Are you issued with a Certificate of Destruction following every shred?  This is your permanent record, remember without this there is no proof that your data has been destroyed – and you certainly don’t get this if you’re shredding in-house.

If you haven’t answered YES to all the above, can you really be sure that your information is in safe hands ?

Contact an expert at Secure Data Recycling to ensure you’re receiving the best service for your business along with the highest level of security.