Safeguard against abuse of confidential paper waste

Confidential paper waste in your office is easily open to abuse. Lockable security bins and cabinets remove the temptation for abuse and reinforce the importance of security in the workplace.

Stored data is an important asset with real value

As well as confidential documentation, information can be stored on CDs, DVDs, USBs, servers or on computer hard drives. SDR cater for all information disposal requirements, however the data may be stored.

Avoid unauthorised or unlawful use of your data

Unauthorised use of your business data, including redundant data, is one of the biggest security threats in modern business. SDR are compliant with BS EN 15713, ensuring that your data is handled correctly even when you don’t need it any longer.

Confidential data destruction is just as important as monitoring active data

We’ve all heard tales of confidential documents found in the street and in recycling bins. SDR certify storage, collection and destruction procedures to make sure that complete and secure destruction of your data takes place.

Audit your suppliers to ensure compliance with your requirements

Auditing your suppliers to ensure that they operate to the standards you require should be standard practice, especially when it comes to handling the destruction of your confidential documentation and data. This audit should cover vehicles, premises, staff, audit trails and final destination for your materials.