SDR Franchise

The franchise program presented by the SDR is an opportunity specifically designed to offer a new and profitable venture across your own exclusive region… the start of your future begins here!

SDR are inviting franchise partners the chance to own and develop a business that offers profitability, sustainability and continues to be in high demand throughout the UK. The legal requirements and ethical responsibilities to securely destroy confidential material have fuelled a significant growth in the SDR Mobile Document Shredding business. Providing both on-site and off-site services SDR can offer entrepreneurs around the UK the chance to build their own business within an established brand in a market that is showing growth patterns of 20-30% a year.

Our experience is your success

SDR has the EXPERIENCE and an established brand to help you build your business. Accredited to ISO9001 and ISO27001 for Quality Assurance, Security and Environment.

Registered under the GDPR 2016 and Data Protection Act 2018

Red Shredder

The benefits

  • A strong brand that stands for service, security, quality and customer satisfaction
  • Years of experience and success in secure data and document handling
  • Customised security containers and vehicles
  • Certifications / Security checks
  • Managerial, technical and legal consultancy
  • Support in fundraising and setting up the company
  • Full training program
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Financial details

You’ll need a minimum of £65,000 in liquid funds with the ability to raise further investment through a bank or leasing company.

Your investment figure will include:

  • One off Franchise Fee – £15,000
  • One off Typical Territory Fee – circa £30,000
  • Customised HGV with bespoke Body build, integrated Heavy Duty Cross Cut Shredder and PTO with Tuck under Tail Lift
  • Stock including: Consoles, Sacks and Uniforms
  • Sales Recruitment & Training which includes Operations & Logistics and a 4 week Sales Training course

There are also ongoing Fees:

  • Management Service Fee – 6.5%
  • Franchiser IT Support – 1.5%
  • National Marketing Levy – 2%
  • The expected return typically ranges from £175,000 to £400,000 per annum (before debt/loan repayments) for a single HGV Operation, however multiple vehicle operations will see a higher Operating Profit.