On Site Hard Drive Shredding Data Disposal & Recycling Service

Protect your business from data theft

Many businesses don’t use a professional service to destroy their old hard drives. They either store their old hardware in a locked area or worse still, attempt to destroy it themselves. Only secure and compliant physical destruction processes will ensure that data on your hard drive is fully destroyed.

Even if you have deleted, wiped or degaussed your old hard drives, data can still be accessed on a physically intact hard drive. This leaves your business open to the risk of data theft or a potential data breach which could seriously harm your reputation.


SDR’s purpose-built shredding machines will destroy computer hard drives and other data carrying devices. The destruction procedure can be witnessed by you or any of your colleagues if required. Once the equipment has been destroyed, you’ll receive a Data Destruction Certificate for your records.


  • PEACE OF MINDonce your data’s gone, it’s gone forever
  • CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTIONissued after each service
  • WEEE COMPLIANCE: secure data destruction and e-waste disposal
  • ZERO LANDFILL TOLERANCEboost your environment credentials
  • ON-SITE SHREDDING : state-of-the-art mobile shredding at your location
  • OFF-SITE SHREDDING: at our CCTV monitored secure depot
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 ACCREDITED PROCESSES: strict quality control and security
  • ONE-OFF OR REGULAR SHREDDINGno job too big or too small; no client too near or too far

ITEMS WE SHRED: hard drives, tapes, video tapes, CDs, DVDs and mobile phones

“Top notch service – said they’d turn up, and then they did!  More than can be said of others in the industry… Would 100% recommend SDR: Friendly, efficient and competitively priced. Thanks a lot.”

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