Ineffective ways to dispose of your hard drives!

It’s often believed that placing a magnet on your hard drive will render it unusable, this may well have been true a few years back, but today’s hard drives are more resistant than ever to magnets.   Also, even if a magnet does corrupt the data, with today’s technology a repair may be possible.

Here are 5 other disastrous ways to ‘dispose’ of old hard drives – all of which leave you open to a data breach!

  • Erase or wipe data.  Depending on the software you use, wiping hard drives can be completely ineffectual.  With today’s technology, data that has been ‘wiped’ from a hard drive can be retrieved within seconds!  Only Government approved, CESG certified wiping software is guaranteed to render all data totally unrecoverable.
  • Format the hard drive.  In the same way that ‘wiping’ can be recovered if not completed by a Data destruction expert, special software can also recover data after a full format.
  • Do nothing.  All companies have a legal obligation to comply with data protection laws and keep information that we have gathered from our employees and customers secure. Don’t just throw it away and hope for the best !
  • Lock them away.  Many workplaces stockpile hard drives on-site.  Even if your hard drives are locked away,  the information still exists – and can therefore be stolen.
  • Smash the hard drive with a hammer.  While this will work theoretically, it is not recommended or realistic in a corporate and professional environment.  All hard drives and data devices should be securely destroyed by a professional Data Destruction Company who will issue you with an official Certificate of Destruction for proper record-keeping.

The best way to dispose of hard drives and destroy the data that is no longer needed is to have them destroyed by a professional Data Destruction company.  This is the most effective and risk-free way to ensure information is permanently destroyed.

SDR offer a range of Data Destruction solutions, call us now to discuss your options



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