ITAD: IT Asset Disposition

Retire your assets and leave the data protection to us

When companies replace their old IT equipment, stockpiles of mobiles, laptops and desktop monitors quickly accumulate, taking up valuable storage space and leaving their business open to the risk of data theft.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the industry standard for reusing, recycling and disposing of old electronic devices in an environmentally friendly way. Companies that don’t follow the correct recycling and disposal procedures can risk significant fines and loss of brand trust.

How will ITAD benefit my business?

ITAD provides an end-to-end process for the recycling or disposing of unwanted IT equipment in the safest and most ecologically responsible way.

SDR offers a full spectrum of ITAD services, including:

  • LOGISTICS: get your obsolete electronics to the recycler securely
  • DATA DESTRUCTION: wipe confidential data from every device
  • ASSET REFURBISHMENT: assess the viability of reusing your items
  • RESALE: determine the value of your assets
  • DISPOSAL & RECYCLING: safely discard all remaining components
  • REPORTING & CERTIFICATION: fully trackable reporting

Industry-leading ITAD experts

SDR’s experience and flexible approach position us an industry leader in IT Asset Disposition. We  understand the importance of keeping our customers happy and consistently exceed their expectations.

Deal with your e-waste with minimum fuss and in a way that respects both your customers and the environment!

“Having never had to use HDD and WEEE disposal services in this quantity, I was pleasantly surprised how efficient and helpful the staff were. Additionally, we are now using SDR for ongoing WEEE disposal.  I would definitely recommend”

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