New Year, New Career or just the same old, same old?

We’re nearing the end of yet another year and you’re still in the same old job

Nothing to work towards, no fun, no progression, no chance of earning decent commission ?

Then make the move into a sales career with SDR.

We’re looking to add to our successful Sales Team, with a January start for the chosen few and we offer all of the above and plenty more.

In addition to all the usual benefits such as a great pay scale, uncapped commission and regular bonuses you’ll also benefit from :

* The opportunity to increase your basic from £16,500 to £23,500 in 2 years

* Team incentives, like Go-carting and skydiving – you know, the boring stuff

* A great team atmosphere

* You’ll have just missed out on the Christmas party, but there’ll be plenty more just like it, with free drinks all around!

Start your New Year, knowing 2018 will be better than the rest by applying to join our team today.

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Why Us?

Three reasons to choose SDR as your service provider

Secure +

You can be assured that your company’s confidential data and equipment will be protected at all times.

Efficient +

In today's fast-paced business climate, every second counts. We use our time and resources effectively.

Compliant +

Regular inspections by the Environment Agency ensure that our systems and people are fully compliant.

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