School visit to SDR

Pupils from Local School Visit SDR’s Computer Recycling Facility

SDR recently invited a number of Key Stage 3 pupils from Cloughwood Academy to observe the process of recycling computers. We explained each stage of the process, from computers initially arriving on site and being broken down into individual components, to the requirement for data destruction in accordance with legal requirements. We explained Data Protection laws and our obligations to destroy data securely.

During the visit, SDR donated 6 PC base units, so that pupils could look ‘under the hood’ and identify the components of computers and learn about their functions.

The visit helped the pupils to understand the legal and environmental impact of computer use, and the responsibility companies have regarding personal data.

The SDR team enjoyed sharing their knowledge with Cloughwood pupils and allowing them to see first-hand the computer destruction and recycling process.

“Thank you to all at SDR for helping pupils at Cloughwood Academy to understand what components are inside a computer, what they do, and how to safely and responsibly dispose of computers and data.’ – Rachel Orme, Computer Science & ICT teacher

Find out more about SDR’s commitment to secure data destruction and computer disposal.

School visit to SDR