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SDR continues to extend their reach in to a number of different markets with expertise and determination.

Storage Services

Secure Data Recycling provide a complete storage and retrieval service for all your business files. Archived files are stored and managed in a state of the art, temperature controlled environment.

Archived boxes are stored within purpose built premises. Each customer is provided with a dedicated area within the warehouse and each box is barcoded with the following information for identification:

  • The site number
  • Area within a site
  • Rack and row within an area
  • File retrieval
  • Lift (shelf number) within the Rack
  • Position on the shelf

scan and store

Purpose built storage with dedicated customer areas.

All barcode labels used are specifically printed, vinyl laminated and possess high quality adhesive for longevity. Each lift of shelving is equipped with different colour barcodes and the boxes that are stored within the shelves have the same colour sticker applied to that of the shelf. This serves as an additional visual check.

The above barcode configuration allows us to accurately pinpoint the location of each box. Each box has the same static location for life, so if a box or file is retrieved, on its return it will be repositioned in the same precise location.

We do not operate the random filing system that is common place within our industry.

As with all aspects of our service we offer a tailored retrieval service, records may be requested as an entire box or a single file. They can be scanned to you within 2 hours as standard, or depending on location delivered within 4 hours.

Deep storage is another more cost effective solution for storing those records that are rarely, if ever retrieved.

For additional peace of mind, critical documents can be stored within our Durasteel vault; A non-combustible composite panel of fibre reinforced cement, mechanically bonded to steel sheets on both surfaces providing an impact resistant space with exceptional fire resistance.

The Durasteel vault is accessible by only authorised personnel and is fully alarmed and CCTV monitored, to record everyone that enters and leaves.

Should you wish to view your archive material onsite, a private and secure client viewing room can be arranged. We are able to provide these rooms with 24 hours notice, and each room has copying, fax, secure web access and telephone facilities.

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Why Us?

Three reasons to choose SDR as your service provider

Secure +

You can be assured that your company’s confidential data and equipment will be protected at all times.

Efficient +

In today's fast-paced business climate, every second counts. We use our time and resources effectively.

Compliant +

Regular inspections by the Environment Agency ensure that our systems and people are fully compliant.

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