• Secure & Confidential

    Data destruction

    SDR offer Onsite and Offsite data destruction services using mobile, purpose built shredders, CESG approved data wiping software and CESG approved degaussin

  • Secure & Confidential

    IT Disposal

    All IT equipment is disposed of in accordance with WEEE compliance, ensuring hard drives, data storage drives and other data devices are destroyed safely and securely.

  • Secure & Confidential

    Not Just computers

    Secure Data Recycling don’t just destroy IT equipment. Other electrical items can also be disposed of, in compliance with WEEE regulations.

Computer Recycling & IT Disposal Service

Secure Data Recycling are a national company with a waste management licence, operating a UK wide service to collect, transport and recycle computer and electrical waste.

The safe and secure disposal of redundant computers and IT equipment is a key responsibility for business owners today. IT equipment often contains confidential and sensitive information, which can be easily accessed by thieves and criminals. If third parties are able to access data on the equipment that you have sold, scrapped or donated, you could be liable for prosecution under the Data Protection Act 2018. Furthermore, improper disposal could also leave you in breach of environmental laws.

  • Secure Data Recycling have purpose built shredding machines that will destroy data carrying devices such as computer hard-drives, and the rigorous destruction procedure can be witnessed by you or any of your colleagues if required. Once IT equipment has been destroyed you will be issued with a Certificate of Destruction and any other documentation required by law.
  • Secure Date Recycling comply with all Environment Agency guidelines, who regularly inspect all operations to ensure compliance with WEEE waste disposal regulations.
Data Security
The customised fleet of trucks and highly trained staff can accommodate any IT or electrical disposal. Collections can be arranged on a next day basis, from any of the nationwide locations, including Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Cardiff and Leeds. For more information or to book a collection fill out the online booking form or call 0800 037 7777.