Medical Records Shredding with SDR

Every NHS organisation and private health body has a legal obligation to protect the confidentiality of patient data. Even when medical records are no longer required to care for a patient, they must be securely disposed of to protect the individual’s privacy.

Medical records shredding is therefore a vital component of any health body’s privacy policy. SDR can help you stay compliant with your data protection responsibilities. Our secure, efficient and cost-effective shredding service will ensure the safe destruction of your confidential documents.

Hassle-free medical records shredding for the health service

SDR offers a flexible records shredding service to suit your needs. Our trained staff can attend your premises to collect your confidential waste and remove it in one of our tracked vehicles to be shredded off-site at our 24 hour CCTV-monitored depot.

Alternatively, you can personally witness the destruction of your medical documents on-site at your premises, in one of our secure and mobile shredding vehicles. After each service, you will be issued with a Certificate of destruction for your record keeping.

Once shredded, the waste material is taken to a UK paper mill where it is 100% recycled. None of the material we shred is sent to landfill.

What will happen if I don’t securely destroy patient data?

Should your medical records get into the wrong hands, criminal gangs could create fake identities to secure prescription drugs on the black market. Identity thieves could also steal your patients’ personal data for fraudulent reasons such as health insurance misuse.

The only way to guarantee patient confidentiality is to ensure that all medical records are shredded with a reputable document destruction company such as SDR.

Health bodies we work with

We work with all types of health and social care organisations and medical bodies including GP surgeries, local health trusts, hospitals, dental practices, pharmacies, medical centres and care home providers.

Professional service and experienced team guaranteed

All our employees are trained and experienced in confidential waste disposal and vetted in line with BS78587 standards. We also adhere to strict ISO9001 and ISO27001 Quality Assurance standards to ensure the utmost safety of your data.

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SDR has over 10 years’ experience of delivering tailored records shredding services to NHS organisations in the UK. Whether it’s a one-off or regular service you’re after, we will easily accommodate your needs. Contact us today for a free | 0800 037 7777