Reasons to shred business documents

Top 6 Reasons to Shred Your Important Business Documents

Every business collects and maintains sensitive information. Despite a major shift towards electronic data storage in recent years, many businesses still store hard copy files that contain sensitive information such as payroll records and bank statements. If this applies to you, you may be wondering what to do with your paper documents when you no longer need them. With the potential threat of a data breach if documents are incorrectly disposed of, we’ve highlighted our top reasons to shred important business documents and keep your data safe.

1. Prevent identity theft

Identity thieves are always on the prowl for ways to steal your information. They may dig through your recycling bin or access your rubbish to use your personal data for fraudulent reasons, such as signing up for credit cards or applying for a passport under a stolen persona.

2. Protect your customers

Your customers entrust you with their personal information and it’s your duty to keep that data safe. The consequences of not taking your data protection responsibilities seriously could damage your reputation and result in disgruntled customers and lost sales.

3. Protect your employees

You have a duty to protect your employees by ensuring their personnel files are securely stored and then destroyed at the end of their retention period. Review your process for discarding hardcopy documents such as contracts, CVs and photo ID cards and only keep what you need.

4. You’ll save space

Having unnecessary paperwork sitting around the office looks untidy and takes up valuable space. Shred any documents you no longer need to create a more organised, spacious environment.

5. It’s better for the environment

An environmentally-responsible paper shredding company will destroy old paper, bale the shredded waste and securely transport it to an accredited recycling partner. This diverts your waste from landfill and recycles it into paper-based products such as writing paper, newspapers and cardboard, helping to boost your environmental credentials.

6. It’s the law!

With GDPR legislation in place, companies are under increased scrutiny to handle personal data in the correct manner in order to prevent a data breach. This means securing hardcopy documents and shredding those that are no longer required. Doing so will protect your intellectual property and brand reputation and instil customer confidence in your service.

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