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ITAD and the Secure Disposal of Your IT Assets

Technology moves at a rapid speed with companies finding they have to replace their IT assets with newer, higher performing models on an increasingly frequent basis. This often results in stockpiles of obsolete laptops, mobiles and desktop PCs cluttering up office cupboards and storage spaces.

What is ITAD?

ITAD stands for IT Asset Disposition and refers to the industry standard of reusing, recycling and disposing of old electronic devices in an environmentally friendly way. Companies that don’t follow the correct recycling and disposal procedures can risk significant fines and loss of brand trust.

There are many considerations when replacing your old IT equipment. For example how will you get the equipment from your office to the recycler, what happens to any sensitive data that is stored on your devices and what are the environmental hazards of recycling old equipment? All of these considerations require a well-planned strategy.

ITAD exists in response to these issues. It provides an end-to-end process for the recycling or disposal of unwanted IT equipment in the safest and most ecologically responsible way.

ITAD provides the following fully auditable steps:

  • Logistics: getting your obsolete electronics to the recycler securely
  • Data destruction: wiping confidential data from every device and protecting your customers’ privacy
  • Asset refurbishment: assessing the viability of reusing your items
  • Resale: determining the value of your assets and providing an outlet for remarketing
  • Disposal and recycling: safely discarding all remaining components in an environmentally friendly way
  • Reporting and certification: providing a fully trackable report detailing each phase of the ITAD process

Where can I find a good ITAD specialist?

If you’ve decided it’s time to spring clean your IT assets, you’ll need to identify a good recycler. Look for a company with the required ISO and BSI certifications, a reputation for high ethical standards and the ability to provide a fully trackable, end-to-end service.

SDR is a company that ticks all the boxes. Our experience, level of certification and flexible approach mark us an industry leader who consistently exceeds customer expectations. Read some of our recent testimonials to understand the importance we place on keeping customers happy.

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